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Would you like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and have a great time outdoors with your friends, family or the one you love? All you have to do is to come to us – to the wonderful region of forests and lakes. Here you will find the kayaks, will have the possibility to test your arms’ accuracy while playing paintball or to experience new sensations while rolling over the lake surface in water ball. You don’t have to worry about accommodation – we will find the best suitable rural tourism farmstead for you.
We will make sure you bring back home the best impressions so you would be willing to visit us again and again.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here!

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Nuo šiol mūsų klientai turi galimybę įsigyti dovanų kuponą kaip nepamirštamą dovaną savo artimiesiems ir draugams. Dovanų kuponą galite užsisakyti susisiekė su mumis elektroniniu paštu info@pramogosaukstaitijoje.lt arba telefonu +370 684 84033


People like kayaking, as it offers many adventures and gives you opportunity to test how fit you are.  You think you already know what is it like to paddle on a river or a lake? But here you will have something to make your trip even more exciting and challenging – we will give you the treasure map before you start! We do not describe many routes on our website, as every group can arrange the route according to their needs and wishes. We promise to find the best solution for you on the spot.  


Aiseta - Kiauna - Švenčionėliai

Ginučiai - Žeimena - Švenčionėliai


In order to ensure the safety of kayaking trip, you will need life vests.  The life vests are necessary and we will provide you with it free of charge.  Try to take with you as little things as possible – only the ones that you cannot do without – as if it starts raining or if you turn over the kayak, your things can get wet or even damaged.  We will provide you with hermetic plastic bags to make sure your stuff is safe.  If you‘ve already chosen the place to stay over night, we can bring your stuff to the campsite.


Probably it would be very difficult to find a person, who has never played this game and even more difficult to find the person who has never heard of this game. Well, it is never too late to try! We will be your referees to make sure that there is no unfair game in the battleground. We can also come and bring all the equipment needed to the place of your choice if you have such remote place available. Paintball might be a perfect way to make your corporate event or a private feast more interesting and memorable.


When coming to play this active and emotional game, make sure you have comfortable and appropriate footwear and clothing,  as you will not only have to run and shoot, but also hide and crawl. We will provide you with military clothing,  so it‘s up to you if you wear it on top of your clothes or if you wear only military clothing given by us. The  thicker the layer of clothing is, the less you feel the hits of the paintballs, but on the other side, it complicates your movements. And don‘t forget refreshments  that you will certainly need during the‘ temporary truce‘ .

Water ball

We believe you will enjoy this amusement. Water ball is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside it to walk across the surface of a body of water. It has a zippered entrance to allow for easy entry and exit. You can stay in the water ball up to 10- 15 minutes. We can come and bring the water ball to the place of your choice – the only thing is needed is the water (lake or pond).  If you wish to experience the unique sensation of walking on water or simply admire the wondrous beauty of the lake bottom by laying on the surface of water – choose this amusement.


This entertainment doesn‘t require any special preparations or clothing.  You will walk on the water surface and stay absolutely dry.  In the summer time we will visit recreation areas close to the water bodies.   So that you will have the chance not only to take a swim in the lake or simply enjoy sunbathing, but also to try out this new exciting entertainment. 


A modern rural tourism homestead is situated on the shore of beautiful lake Žiezdras.  We offer 3 cottages– each can accommodate up to 8 people. All cottages have kitchen, shower and WC.  One of the houses has a sauna on the ground floor and 7 sleeping places on the first floor. On the territory of the homestead there are pergolas and barbeque facilities at your disposal.

Here you will also find basketball playground, mini football pitch and kids playground. We can also offer the rowboats for you to enjoy the peacefulness of the lake or , if you have your fishing tackle with you, to go fishing.

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We can help you to find the best suitable rural tourism homestead according to your needs. There are several rural tourism homesteads in the area around us. If you chotose to stay in one of those homesteads, you won‘t have to travel far for the entertainment.